Kopald and Kopald’s Approach to Family Law Matters

The words “family” and “law” really don’t go together.  Once your family’s affairs are part of the court and judicial system, you’ve lost control of your own life and relationships.

Family law (aka Divorce) is one of the best places to consider using mediation.  Resolving a family law dispute involves so much more than economic issues, allocating assets and obligations.

This is about YOUR FAMILY:  Your spouse.  Your children.  Your grandchildren.  Your in-laws.

If you’ve had to make the difficult decision to divorce, you want it to be over with as little painful damage as possible so you can all stay on stable emotional ground.  You can keep some control over the process if you work with a mediator (or work in a collaborative law environment)…perhaps even bringing in a therapist to work through difficult issues, rather than putting it in the hands of a judge and an impersonal court system?

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