What is Alternative Dispute Resolution?

After many years as a successful litigator, Steven D. Kopald has gravitated toward Alternative Dispute Resolution as an approach that can be very effective in some kinds of disputes.

The firm’s responsibility to represent your best interest may lead you away from the traditional route of litigating your problems.  Our evaluation looks at the economic benefits and also takes into consideration the best emotional results that can provide long-lasting benefit to clients, their families and all the others affected by the process.

Alternative Dispute Resolution simply means solving the problem without going to court.  These methods are much more private and are usually less expensive and time-consuming.

Collaborative Law lets each party have their own legal representative, but the issues are worked out in a private meeting environment without involving the court system.

Mediation allows both parties to sit down with an expert, neutral third party mediator and systematically work out their problems and arrive at mutually agreeable solutions.

Steven D. Kopald can help you determine the most effective route to take.